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Contemporary author Sophie Jacobs has been a storyteller all of her life. Fascinated with books as a child, she loved rewriting the endings of her favorite 60s television shows in her head while walking to school in the mornings, or before falling asleep at night. She was one of those rare high school students who loved writing research papers, even back in the 70s pre Internet. Her relationship with the written word grew through college and her young adult years but did not manifest itself into a writing and publishing career until her children were older and practically on their own.

Writing under multiple pen names and in several genres of fiction and non-fiction, collectively Sophie has penned a body of work that includes poetry, essays, and news articles; academic book chapters, journal articles, and curricula; and short stories, novellas, and novels.

Sophie lives a quiet life in the suburbs of a Southern-Midwest city. She holds a fondness for both mountains and the beach, and traveling to new and familiar places. When she's not writing, she can be found puttering around her garden, walking the dog, or delving into some sort of new crafty project.

Sophie Jacobs is pen name of romance author Maddie James. While Maddie writes sexy and erotic stories that explore sexuality from many levels, Sophie writes sweet romance novels that close the door on sex, mainstream women's fiction novels, and other contemporary works.
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