About Harbor Falls

Nestled in the rolling hills of the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains sits the small town of Harbor Falls--where there is indeed a falls and a lake, but no real harbor to speak of. There is a marina and on hot summer days as you can imagine, it's quite busy with locals and tourists alike. Harbor Falls boasts of a booming tourist industry laced with southern charm and grace, topped off with a host of quirky characters and one very busy resident by the name of Suzie Hart.

And in that small town of several thousand people sits a small inn on the edge of the lake owned by Suzie. She calls this inn the Sweet Hart Inn, because well, Suzie is a chef of fantastic proportions and sweets are her forte, and of course her last name is Hart--which probably has nothing to do with the fact that she occasionally likes to dabble in matchmaking.

But you can read more about that, and the Sweet Hart Inn, by clicking this link. 

Let's talk about the town. Resisting the lure of Harbor Falls is difficult for residents and long-time vacationers alike. Set against the lush backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the town is proud of their charming downtown with Victorian shopfronts and unique store offerings. Besides the Sweet Hart Inn, there is a trading post, a sweet shop and bakery, the library, a diner and cafe, a gift shop, both an elementary and high school, a town hall, an organically grown food store and a Piggly Wiggly super market, a landscaping business and nursery, and a youth center. That's just to name a few. And the characters who live in Harbor Falls and work in these businesses are just as homespun and homegrown as the town, but also quite diverse.

In upcoming Harbor Falls books you'll find a former ballet dancer, not one but two chocolatiers, a New York city transplant, an award-winning scone baker, a puppy nanny, real estate agents and lawyers, a doctor, veterinarian, and a school secretary, teachers, and principal! But wait! There is also a country music star, the librarian, a long-lost sister, several of Harbor Fall's finest who serve in the line of duty (police, fire, and military), a television producer, book store owner, and more. Whew!

Don't you want to visit already? Can you not wait to see what all of these characters are up to?

The townspeople and I hope you will join us. Stay tuned to this website and the blog for updates. Harbor Falls loves visitors!