Sweet Hart Inn

WELCOME TO SWEET HART INN -- Where Suzie Hart lives and loves to serve up her guests with the finest of her sweet pastries in the morning, and then add a little spice to their lives at the end of the day. That is, if her guests are looking for love--and sometimes they are and don't even know it!

Not every guest at the Inn, or every friend or acquaintance of Suzie's, comes under her matchmaking spell but she has a knack for knowing when the right person has come into someone's life. She just tries to help people navigate the rough waters of love and romance the only way she knows how, with food! She uses the old adage, The way to a man's heart is his stomach to her advantage, any time she can.

So she cooks. And bakes. And she teaches cooking classes on Saturdays at the Inn. She caters dinners often with her cousin, Sydney Hart, who owns the bakery in town. And she's writing a cookbook. Her life is full and even though she loves to play matchmaker with others, she somehow forgot to do that for herself.

But no matter. She has the Inn. Right?

The Sweet Hart Inn is a quaint B&B located on the outskirts of Harbor Falls overlooking the lake. It's a moderately-sized yellow clapboard Victorian that she's recently renovated and landscaped with the help of her friend Jack Ackerman, who owns Blue Ridge Landscaping and Design. The backdrop to her nightly view off her deck and across the lake is Falls Mountain and the old Falls Lodge. A glass of wine, a cool breeze, and a pretty sunset are the perfect ending to her day.

She's living her dream. Well, sort of. In reality, no. She's not. But Suzie doesn't let on like anything is wrong. She just cooks and takes care of her guests. And tries to keep everyone around her happy. That's important. Right?

Suzie Hart kicks off the Harbor Falls Romance series with her book, All of My Heart. The series continues with Dance into My Heart, Take My Heart, and more.

Note from Sophie. I hope you read and enjoy All of My Heart. Visit again soon and read more about Suzie and the townspeople of Harbor Falls. I hope you fall in love with them over and over again.